In an article published by Electronic Urban Report, Partner Uleses Henderson discusses how a court dismissal was obtained on behalf of Bishop Charles Blake, Presiding Bishop of the Church of God in Christ (COGIC)—the fifth largest Christian denomination. The dismissal came as a result of a counterclaim filed by the defendant, Minister Earl Carter after Bishop Blake stated Mr. Carter illegally profited off his reputation.

A defamation lawsuit filed by Bishop Blake alleged Mr. Carter used the Internet to engage in outrageous and malicious attacks, criticizing Bishop Blake’s moral character. “Mr. Carter’s purposeful and continual attempts to defame Bishop Blake are egregious,” commented Uleses, who serves as general counsel for COGIC. “The filing of the defamation lawsuit was Bishop Blake’s only recourse to stop Mr. Carter’s harmful conduct.”

The Order of the Court concluded the counterclaim lacked factual data and was ultimately dismissed without prejudice. “We are delighted that the court dismissed Mr. Carter’s meritless counterclaim,” added Uleses.

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