Online MCLE Video Selection

One LLP is an approved MCLE provider by the State Bar of California and is happy to offer these free MCLE video presentations for you. At the conclusion of the video you will be given a link to download your certificate of attendance for your records. Thank you and enjoy!

IP Overview for Non-IP Lawyers

This one-hour MCLE course covers copyright, trademark, and patent basics for the non-IP lawyer (transactional or litigation). It also touches on trade secret issues. It is ideal for a lawyer who wants a survey overview of the major copyright, trademark, and patent issues, and offers specific issue-spotting advice. Please enter the following to watch the video. Publication Date: 1/22/14

Ethics Credit – Federal Disqualification Motions

This one-hour Ethics credit program tells the story of the longest deportation battle in American history during the Cold War aimed at deporting San Francisco labor leader Harry Bridges, the subject of a book and soon to be a film. The ethics program looks at the bitter trial record where ethics charges were levied against judges and lawyers. A fun, fascinating walk through the famed trials, it has been presented at law firms and recorded for Westlaw and other online content providers also. The program covers disqualification standards in federal court and the myriad ethics issues involved in judge-party-lawyer-witness relationships as well as race-based disqualification challenges and the unique issues raised in such challenges. Publication Date: 9/19/16

Why Superman and Steinbeck Matter to You

This one-hour MCLE addresses copyright for the general practitioner and for trusts and estates lawyers. The program explores the famous cases involving the battle over ownership of the iconic Superman creation, as well as the case involving the battle over copyright ownership of the Steinbeck estate. Publication Date: 12/17/15

Aereo Copyright Case in the Supreme Court

This one-hour CLE features John Tehranian (One LLP partner), Kelly M. Klaus (Munger Tolles & Olson partner) and Zachary S. McGee (the SVP, Head of Business & Legal Affairs at Miramax) examining and analyzing the key issues in the upcoming Aereo litigation before the Supreme Court. The case addresses the legality of services that retransmit broadcast signals to Internet viewers without the permission of the major over-the-air television networks. As such, the CLE traces the history of retransmission rights under the Copyright Act, the extant circuit split on how courts have defined ‘public’ performances, and the important legal and policy issues raised by the litigation for the entertainment industry. Publication Date: 1/22/14

Winning on Appeal

This one hour CLE addresses appeals and appellate issues. Whether you are a potential appellant or appellee, the strategies to successfully prevail on appeal are unique and critical. This program offers an overview of the appellate process with specific issue-spotting advice. Publication Date: 4/8/14