In a highly publicized case, Erin Andrews, a former ESPN sports reporter, was stalked and videotaped at the Nashville Marriott Hotel, and accused the hotel of giving out her room number. As One LLP Partner, Neil Ray discussed in Law360’s article, “Erin Andrews Verdict Exposes Danger of Lax Privacy Policies,” this underscores the importance of a carefully written protocol for hotels.

During the trial, Andrews’ attorneys grilled the staff on the hotel’s privacy policy, arguing that its lax guidelines on guest information allowed Mr. Barrett to obtain Andrews’ room number. Attorneys for the hotel countered that staffers were trained in privacy protocol; however, Mr. Barrett’s actions could not have been predicted. Ms. Andrews was awarded $55 million of the $75 million she had sought against the hotel franchise for exposing her information.

“All this shows how important a properly written protocol is. It confirms to guests how hotels collect, use and disclose the personal data of their guests; how they ensure that the data is stored safely and securely; and…how they protect against any intrusion of seclusion that guests can reasonably expect,” comments Mr. Ray.

Ms. Andrews’ case is a sign that hotel franchises should take steps to protect themselves and their guests.

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