One LLP Partner Chris Arledge represented defendant X17, a Hollywood photography company that publishes celebrity news and photographs, in a lawsuit filed by sobriety coach Peter Dice.  X17 photographers and videographers recorded an interaction between celebrity Lindsay Lohan, Mr. Dice and another man.  In the video, Mr. Dice showed Ms. Lohan and her companion a small plastic baggie.  X17 published the video, photographs and an accompanying story on its website.  Mr. Dice alleged that the story implied Ms. Lohan was buying drugs from him.


Mr. Dice sued for defamation and for violation of his privacy and publicity rights. The lawsuit sought more than one million dollars in compensatory and punitive damages.

During trial, Mr. Arledge impeached Mr. Dice with his prior inconsistent statements to undermine the plaintiff’s damages case.  This strategy succeeded, as the jury awarded only $10,000 to the plaintiff, a tiny fraction of the amount sought.