For junior associates who often dream of arguing in federal appellate courts, the U.S. Court of Appeals offers the Ninth Circuit’s Pro Bono Program, giving attorneys an opportunity to argue at the court in exchange for pro bono assistance in civil cases. In an article published by Bloomberg, Founding Partner Peter Afrasiabi comments on this incredible opportunity for young associates. The program is primarily intended to assist the court in handling complex appeals, ranging from all types of civil cases.

Peter, who has volunteered to help facilitate the program comments, “When the program started, there was a massive number of pro se appeals—cases where the litigants represented themselves without the help of a lawyer.”

One alluring aspect of the court’s program for young associates is that the court hears oral arguments in every case referred through the Pro Bono Program. For the associates undertaking the appeal without compensation, the court provides an opportunity that’s hard to come by as well as an incredible method to get real experience.

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