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Business Disputes & Contract Law

Businesses, small and large, find themselves regularly in complex contract disputes or complex commercial relationships with competitors.  Whether it is a contract that is being breached, or one is being charged with breach of contract, One LLP can help.  Navigating contract law is a cornerstone of One LLP’s practice.

Over the years, our lawyers have handled all manner of business disputes, prosecuting or defending against claims that sound in contract, fraud, the interference torts, unfair competition, even antitrust and other complex, statutory actions.  Protecting businesses from unscrupulous, unlawful competitors to protecting with strong agreements the core intellectual property assets of a business are a key part of One LLP’s business law services.

At the same time, many intellectual property disputes are at their root business disputes, fights over contracts, license agreements, and assignments. Contract language takes on new meaning in light of the governing federal copyright, patent and trademark laws which impact and touch myriad contracts – often unbeknownst to the parties at the time they enter such contracts. Indeed, many of our greatest successes arise from strong advice and counseling well before litigation, so that litigation is never needed and our clients are protected when they enter important business relationships.

We take pride in our ability to distill simple, compelling arguments from the confusing legalese found in most complex business agreements. We also take great pride in our ability to learn and understand the nuances of our clients’ business so that we may best defend and protect their business both before and during litigation. We take great pride in understanding how to tie all these issues together to develop a compelling narrative for the judge or jury who must ultimately be persuaded in a business dispute lawsuit.

In the modern world, class action litigation is also a core part of the risk that businesses face, especially in California with its strong consumer and employment laws.  Whether employment wage and hour class action claims are brought, or consumer class action claims based upon false advertising, we litigate such claims for our clients.  Consumer false advertising class action claims complement particularly our complex trademark practice, where the core questions often revolve around similar concerns about consumer confusion and the impact of advertising.  Our trademark consumer confusion expertise strongly complements and aids our consumer class action work where those cases revolve around similar questions about consumer confusion, questions that often must be tested with complicated expert analysis and data sifting.

All told, our business dispute lawyers have expertise in a wide variety of commercial disputes, and can handle virtually any dispute that ensnares your business. We have handled complex business torts and contract disputes for all types of clients, including multimillion dollar actions for and against publicly traded corporations as well as complex class action defense and prosecution under California and other false advertising laws.  Some representative actions include:

  • Representing an international software company in a multimillion dollar contract dispute
  • Representing a local manufacturing company in a fraud and contract action arising out of a stock purchase agreement
  • Representing investment bankers in actions to recover fees on transactions
  • Representing a manufacturer of musical instruments in an antitrust action
  • Representing musicians and songwriters in disputes over royalties

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