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Business Disputes & Contract Law

One LLP is a litigation focused firm that has long specialized in assisting Online and Digital ECommerce disputes, including Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law. We have the capabilities, experience, and resources to litigate any cases involving these areas of law.  We have been engaged in numerous high-profile litigations involving patent, trademark, copyright, trade dress, entertainment, false advertising, and related matters in a variety of industries, including:

  • July 10, 2018, the Federal Circuit upheld a California jury’s finding that crosswalk signal maker Campbell Co. willfully infringed rival Polara Engineering’s patent.
  • April 10, 2017, One LLP won a landmark Ninth Circuit victory in a copyright infringement suit addressing the limits of the DMCA in online infringement. One LLP prevailed for its client, celebrity photo company Mavrix Photographs and secured a reversal of the case’s dismissal with a ruling that the case must go to trial.  The MPAA provided an amicus brief on Mavrix’s behalf and the case sets an important new precedent in the Ninth Circuit.  Among others, the Wall Street Journal and Hollywood Reporter have profiled One LLP’s copyright case.
  • June 9, 2016, Chris Arledge, Peter Afrasiabi and Jo Ardalan secure a $2 million federal court jury verdict in a trademark counterfeiting case for client Kaloud, Inc. in the Central District of California.

In addition to representing small- and mid-cap companies, start-ups, and individuals, our attorneys also have impressive experience litigating these types of issues in the context of class actions in which a named plaintiff represents a class of individuals and/or companies whose rights allegedly have been violated by the same defendant(s) in the same manner

One LLP provides contingency fee representation in class actions for Plaintiffs to help protect individuals, small and medium sized businesses and level the litigation playing field.  We have a successful track record in contingency litigations.  Our team is savvy and prepared to go all the way through trials and appeals.  We also streamline costs and make it overall efficient and lucrative for the plaintiff to engage us.  Our incentives are aligned with the client since we get paid only when the client wins and gets paid.

One LLP also acts as class action defense counsel on behalf of the target defendants.  Based on our experience handling both plaintiff and defense side of class actions, we are in a position to anticipate attacks and quickly respond in an efficient manner.

Our Class Action Team handles Privacy and Data Breach litigations as well, analyzing options for the plaintiff once his or her data is breached and he or she is exposed to risk of identity theft.  Recognizing that this may be the first experience for the plaintiff in terms of data breach incident and litigation, we strategically guide clients to ensure a smooth process through the discovery of a breach through litigation and settlement options, with an eye on providing an efficient class action litigation experience.

After a class action is filed, our team, with hands-on experience in the procedural aspects of class action matters as well as privacy laws, can come armed with offensive play. Our litigators have the advantage of knowing the case inside and out from its inception and act as trusted advisors to our clients throughout class action proceedings.

Some representative actions include:

  • Representing plaintiffs in a class action against Apple, Inc. for its two-factor authentication policy violating privacy statutes.
  • Representing minor plaintiff in a class action against Epic Games, Inc. for its in-App purchases non-refundable policy.
  • Investigating class actions involving terms of use and services agreement.
  • Investigating class actions involving unauthorized tracking, subscription policies for emails and CAN-SPAM violations.
  • Investigating class actions involving identity theft risk subsequent to data breach incidents.

List of attorneys practicing in Class Actions

23 Corporate Plaza Drive, Suite 150
Newport Beach, CA 92660
T:  949.502.2870

400 Corporate Point, Suite 300
Culver City, CA 90230
T: 310.866.5157