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Changing the NPE Patent Paradigm – Joey Liu interviewed by Law360

One man’s patent troll is another man’s patent protector. Originally established to protect inventors from patent infringers, NPEs—or Nonpracticing Entities—have come under severe criticism for not practicing the inventions of their patents but rather focusing on licensing and litigation. Recent legislation and Supreme Court cases have changed the playing field making it harder for NPEs to win their patent infringement cases and broadening the effects of a case lost.

To understand how the changing NPE model affects attorneys, Law360 interviewed Joey Liu of One LLP for his insight as a litigator who has both represented and defended against NPEs. “For attorneys who are willing to take on these riskier cases, we’re seeing some of the economic terms of contingency cases shifting toward attorneys receiving extra compensation, taking higher percentages of fees recovered or having separate agreements to offset costs,” Liu says. “So now, attorneys are negotiating whether to handle [certain expected labors] as part of the contingency fee agreement or as part of a separate agreement.”

However, patents that do survive the new, more rigorous process come out stronger. NPEs are becoming more critical of patents they buy, as well as beginning to help develop these patents so they can defend them more fully in court.

Read the full article here.

Founding Partner Peter Afrasiabi Releases New Book

One LLP is excited to announce that founding partner Peter Afrasiabi’s new book, Burning Bridges: America’s 20-Year Crusade to Deport Labor Leader Harry Bridges, releases this week.

With a Foreword by Erwin Chemerinsky, the book is the true story of America’s longest and most bitter deportation battle.

Set during the Cold War and the Red Scare, and based on previously secret FBI FOIA and National Archive documents, the book charts the legal and political intrigue of the four serial trials against San Francisco labor leader Harry Bridges. It assesses the prosecutors and FBI investigators, the judges and courts, and the larger-than-life defense lawyers who risked prison and disbarment in their efforts to save Harry Bridges.

“Utterly enjoyable … excellent and crisp… The story is gripping, at times gritty, and readers will love to follow Bridges as he fights for justice and a cause he believes in,”  San Francisco Book Review.


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One LLP won a landmark Ninth Circuit victory in a copyright infringement suit

One LLP won a landmark Ninth Circuit victory in a copyright infringement suit addressing the limits of the DMCA in online infringement.  One LLP prevailed for its client, celebrity photo company Mavrix Photographs and secured a reversal of the case’s dismissal with a ruling that the case must go to trial.  The MPAA provided an amicus brief on Mavrix’s behalf and the case sets an important new precedent in the Ninth Circuit.  Among others, the Wall Street Journal and Hollywood Reporter have profiled One LLP’s copyright case.

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